Enter Terrainia

”The script is easy to read for being fantasy, and the escapism and humor that many seek for example in the feel-good genre, can be found in the story, which is why we think it could be appreciated by many, even outside the fantasy niche.”

— Publisher A&L

“A very cool story this one. Full of imagination and playfulness. A real adventure. Strong themes and lots of interesting and strong conflicts. Well written text. Easy to read.

I see great potential in the story. There is also a lot of humor in the text. I often smile while reading. I also appreciate that a lot.”

— Lecturer / Editor Johan Carle

“Enter Terrainia” is an action saga, inspired by both 80s and 90s action, but also by “older Disney fantasy” and with some humor. But also some chapters dealing with “not self choosen loneliness”, death and existential questions:

  • Why do we exist ? – What is the meaning of life ?
  • Is there a higher power ? – If so, is it God ?
  • What happens after death ? – Is there any continuation ?

The reader gets the answers to the above questions in the book.
It is, of course, only Enter Terrainia’s answers, “truth” and vision.

Most of the chapters are short, to make the book extra easy to read.

Back cover text

We follow the new police officer Jason who dreams of meeting a girl. Years go by without him succeeding, but then he meets Emily who wants to date him. But Emily disappears from Jason’s life shortly after they get together, because of a train accident.

In a collaboration between the Swedish police and the U.S. military, Jason is with an American elite force in the new combat helicopter “ThunderStorm”, when they end up in a fairy tale world where the country of Terrainia is located, and where magic exists.

There they meet the wizard Merlin, who gives them a mission of training Terrainia’s royal medieval army in modern American warfare, to increase their chances against the knight Warion and his dark army of giants and trolls:

Warion plans to invade Terrainia, take the princess, enslave the inhabitants and conquer the natural resources.

Jason discovers that the Grim Reaper is in Terrainia, unexpectedly protecting him from life-threatening dangers. Like a strange guardian angel.

The coming battle against Warion, will be a war between good and evil. It turns out that Warion has a giant, evil dragon, Lucifer. Can they defeat the dragon with ThunderStorm ? And who is the Grim Reaper ?

The author

Joey Hexacon has, at the time of writing this back cover text, driven trains for over twenty years, mainly for SJ and all kinds of trains in Sweden, such as the X2000, RC locomotive, X50 (Regina) and has also attended the police education, in 2011-2014, at the Swedish National Police Academy.

The front cover of the book is specially commissioned and hand painted by the artist BembiAnn, who also painted UNICORN’s album cover for the song “Pinball”.